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Prices per room according to the number of persons
Including extensive breakfast buffet


One to 4 persons room with private living area.

1P. 2P. 3P.
Price €75-€95 €80-€100 €105-€125


One, two or three person room with private living room.

1P. 2P. 3P.
Price €75-€95 €80-€100 €105-€125


Beautiful, spacious double room.

1P. 2P. 3P.
Price €70-€90 €75-€95 -

Children older than 6 years are welcome

Minimum 2 nights, exceptions possible upon request with 15€ supplement
Free tourist guide and map of Bruges
Free coffee and tea facilities
An advance payment for the first night will be required to confirm your reservation. Payment of the balance in cash on arrival.
(we do not accept credit cards)